Retained Executive Search for VC/PE Backed Growth Companies

The war for talent is as strong as ever. It’s essential to have a trusted partner that is steeped in today’s knowledge and skills required in the new economy to secure the best.

We invest the time.  Your company, your culture, the industry, and the mavericks who will shape and define the future of your business. Our network of established and trusted executives as well as our ability to get to the next wave of game changers gives us the uncanny and unmatched ability to source and close the absolute best candidate for you and your company – for today and beyond.

A flat fee and fixed expense search engagement. You, as a client, will interface only with a Partner in our firm who will handle the search from the initial meeting and discussion through negotiation to closure of the desired candidate. The Partner will personally execute the search and will be your advocate out in the industry fighting for the best available resource.

We guarantee what we do: Should a candidate placed by us exit your firm within the first 365 days of hire, for any reason, we will “redo” the search.

What You Can Expect

The Partner will:

  • Meet with you to dig deep, allowing us to know what makes you different, what the industry looks like, along with other pertinent details. Because we have many successful search engagements in your direct and tangential competitors, our learning curve is minimized. We can quickly get to the process to educate the right potential candidates on why they should consider and seriously evaluate our engagement.
  • Develop a comprehensive and detailed opportunity assessment document that will bullet point the position and the opportunity. This document, as approved by you, will serve as our mutual roadmap for the project. We never send this out in mass emails or post online or share with anyone who we have not first spoken with in detail.
  • Conduct extensive and original market research. Every search is treated as the first project in your space and we assume nothing.  We believe this is the best way to ensure that we speak to everyone versus only going to those that are known and in our network.
  • Manage all facets of the search process. This includes direct calls to the industry and prospective pool of candidates, confidential references, scheduling of candidates to see you and your search committee, management of the offer creation and presentation to the desired finalist, and closing the deal.
  • Follow up with client and newly hired executive post placement and throughout tenure.

The Results

  • 99+% successful completion.
  • 65 days average time to completion.
  • Client base is exclusively referral, repeat business, and word of mouth driven
  • Transformative talent delivered via a transparent, real time, and collaborative process.

Start Now

For a confidential discussion around your company and your upcoming or potential human capital procurement initiatives, feel free to reach out via

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